When Performance Matters

When applications have demanding requirements, customers look to Ferrotec. At Ferrotec, we specialize in delivering mission-critical performance, whether it’s sealing semiconductor vacuum process chambers, driving high-temperature photovoltaic furnaces, protecting sensitive components in military equipment, or providing an enabling solution for your next technology innovation.

World Class Engineering

Our most advanced sealing solutions all have their roots in Ferrotec’s reliable, proven designs. So when customers look to next generation technology with unique rotation, pressure, and material challenges, Ferrotec engineering is the resource they trust. From size, shape, multi-axis motion and advanced analysis to sophisticated components that integrate motors, gas and cooling union features—even sensors and electronic controls—Ferrotec’s engineering portfolio spans a spectrum of challenges. Leveraging Ferrotec’s application engineering expertise and our broader understanding of the tools and subsystems that rely on our seals, we are the go-to resource for next generation system development.

Quality Systems

Producing high-quality precision components for OEMs means more than simply matching tight tolerances—it’s also about manufacturability, repeatability, and consistency. We own our global manufacturing facilities and we manage our processes. Our primary manufacturing operations in Asia and Europe are registered ISO 9001 and we also mandate strict inter-organizational quality processes. From producing our own ferrofluid to maintaining exacting standards in machining and assembly, a Ferrotec label is much more than just etched steel.

Partnering with Our Customers

While engineering, quality, and performance are all key aspects of our business, we hold ourselves to these standards for you, the customer. For over 40 years, Ferrotec has worked with our customers to help them achieve success. From logistical partnership to supply chain integration, our goal is to ensure that our business relationship fits your needs as closely as our seals do. From initial sales to end-user service agreements, we work with equipment manufacturers to support systems through the entire product life-cycle.


Global service and support capabilities

Worldwide Ferrotec facilities provide support and service local to most regions and customers.

Global manufacturing centers

North America, Asia, and Europe global manufacturing centers, enable Ferrotec’s flexible supply chain to meet our customers’ needs with optimized cost, high volume, quick turnaround, and U.S. manufacture for sensitive projects.

All manufacturing locations are Ferrotec owned and operated, ensuring consistency and repeatability of manufacturing processes and demonstrated high quality.

Internal “dual sourcing” capabilities

Capabilities utilizing Ferrotec production facilities around the world helps ensure that our customers can benefit from an uninterruptible source of supply.

Ferrotec employs

Ferrotec employs more Engineering, Manufacturing, and Customer Support Personnel in Ferrofluid-based vacuum sealing technology than all other competitors in the world combined.

Ferrotec’s Ferrofluidic® seal manufacturing

Ferrofluidic® seal manufacturing processes are specifically optimized for the manufacture of magnetic liquid rotary seals, leveraging over 40 years of technology-specific experience.

About Ferrotec

Founded on a technology core of Ferrofluid magnetic liquid and Ferrofluidic® sealing products, our company and our product portfolio have grown to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Ferrotec is now a global enterprise characterized by substantial intercompany cooperation in research, manufacturing and marketing of products.

Ferrotec (USA) Corporation is headquartered in Livermore, California. Our operations are focused on North American markets with facilities in Bedford, New Hampshire and San Jose, California. Ferrotec (USA) Corp. employs over 200 people in the design, manufacture, sales and marketing of a broad line of products.

Our Values

  • Strong commitment to our customers
  • Excellence in engineering precision solutions
  • Delivering superior quality, value and service

Ferrotec at a Glance

  • Regional Operation Centers in North America, Europe, Japan, China, and Singapore
  • Manufacturing Locations in the USA, Germany, Japan, and China
  • 7000 employees worldwide

Our Core Businesses

Globally, Ferrotec serves customers through many applications and industries. In the North American markets we focus on select business segments, increasing our speed and efficiency working with customers in those industries. While our knowledge base is particularly strong in these areas, our product groups share their expertise, making Ferrotec very adaptable in the shape of changing market synergies.

  • Ferrofluidic Seals
  • E-Beam Components
  • MeiVac Systems
  • Machinable Ceramics
  • Ferrofluid
  • Fabricated Quartz
  • Thermoelectrics
  • Temescal Systems
  • MeiVac Components
  • Advanced Ceramics
  • CVD-SiC Parts
  • Contract Manufacturing

Ferrofluidic Seal Repairs, Upgrades, and Exchange Services

Ferrotec can repair, upgrade or exchange your existing seal with a premium Ferrofluidic product using Ferrotec’s ferrofluid that is optimized for Ferrofluidic seals.

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