We Can Help Streamline Your Components

Discover the benefits of having Ferrotec become your engineering partner. With our extensive experience in vacuum manufacturing, sealing and robotic systems, Ferrotec can help your manufacturing process by integrating your components into streamlined sub-assemblies that deliver measurable product benefits.

Reduce your design & development time

Partnering with Ferrotec enables your internal engineering staff to focus on the core development of your product.

Reduce your costs

From motorized integrated drive-throughs to closely matching component selections, when we are able to look at your entire engineering challenge, we can engineer an integrated product that performs better.

From concept to completion, Ferrotec offers the engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities to ensure that your sealing sub-system delivers world-class performance. Ferrotec was the first company to manufacture magnetic liquid seals and has spent the last 30 years further developing and advancing the technology. With 30 years’ proven track record of supplying seals to the semiconductor, optical, aero-space, medical, defense, lamp manufacturing and other industries you can be sure that our expertise is second to none. Whether you need us to manufacture to an existing sub-system design, or need a new state-of-the-art Ferrotec custom design, Ferrotec is your ideal partner for expertly manufactured and tested sealing sub-assemblies, shipped dock-to-stock to meet your production needs.

We apply the same stringent manufacturing and control processes developed for our Ferrofluidic® seals to all our sub-systems. Our design engineers work closely with you to develop a thorough product specification.

Manufacturing engineers develop detailed procedures to ensure that all specifications are met and a complete manufacturing control document is produced. Each part in the assembly is carefully inspected using the most advanced quality practices and thoroughly cleaned before assembly in our cleanroom. Highly skilled manufacturing technicians assemble your sub-system with care and precision. Finally, completed assemblies are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure that all operational and dimensional specifications are correct before shipping to your manufacturing floor.

Ferrotec’s Sub-system Manufacturing Experience

Ferrotec has experience manufacturing a broad range of subsystems for semiconductor, optical, aerospace, medical, defense, lamp manufacturing and other applications. Some examples include:

Servo-controlled rotary feedthroughs

A custom servo-controlled rotary feedthrough offers precise speed and position control by combining servo control and high resolution encoder feedback with a non-wearing high vacuum Ferrofluidic rotary feedthrough. Speed accuracy of ±0.1% is combined with smooth rotation.

Servo-controlled rotary linear coaxial Ferrofluidic feedthroughs with precision position control

These sub-systems combine non-wearing Ferrofluidic rotary sealing with smooth linear actuation. Servo control with high resolution encoder feedback offers precise speed, positioning and indexing control. It also offers high load capacity and torsional stiffness.

Wafer handling arm

The wafer handling arm sub-assembly is integrated into a cluster tool where it positions 200mm and 300mm wafers, picking and placing them at different locations for processing. The sub-assembly features a Ferrofluidic coaxial feedthrough powered by a brushed DC motor and a harmonic drive, directly integrated with the precision in-vacuum components and other hardware demanded by the system.

Rotary Linear Wafer Positioner

Ferrotec built this 300mm rotary linear wafer positioning assembly to a customer’s existing design and specification. The sub-system picks up, rotates and lowers the wafers, providing motion in the z-axis as well as rotary motion. Initially Ferrotec worked closely with the customer to develop a Ferrofluidic seal for this application. Ferrotec later value engineered and manufactured the complete sub-system, and now takes care of part procurement, supply chain management, building and testing the system.


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