Ordering a Ferrofluidic Seal from Ferrotec

At Ferrotec, we are committed to providing industry-leading customer service, and we want to make it easy for you to select and purchase the Ferrofluidic seal that you need. For more information about ordering Ferrofluidic seals, select the type of product you are interested in.

Standard Feedthroughs

The web site features listings for all of our standard vacuum rotary feedthroughs. These seals are some of our most commonly manufactured parts and have been adopted as standard components for many applications. In many cases, we may have inventory of these products in stock, but even when the part needs to be manufactured, the lead time for these parts is typically much shorter than custom designs.

Ordering Standard Parts

For standard parts, you can search through the products listed in the standard products section. You can submit your request using the form on the product page or make note of the 6-digit part number (ex. 103990) and contact your local Ferrotec sales representative to place your order.

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Modified Standard Feedthroughs

Sometimes a standard feedthrough design doesn’t meet your exact requirements. Rather than completely designing a custom seal to meet your needs, we often wind up using a standard feedthrough design as a template. It’s usually not difficult for us to make modifications to a standard Ferrotec design in order to meet your requirements, and these products often have shorter lead times. Common modifications include shaft length and mounting hole changes.

Ordering Modified Standard Parts

To order a modified standard feedthrough, start by identifying the standard feedthrough that you want to base the design on (either in the standard products section or the modified standards section). Once you have selected the correct part, you can submit your request using the form on the product page or make note of the 6-digit part number (ex. 133604), contact your Ferrotec representative and we can work with you to specify the necessary changes.

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Retrofit Parts for Classic Equipment and Legacy Systems

Although Ferrotec has been supplying feedthroughs for over forty years, some classic equipment may not have been originally designed using a Ferrofluidic seal. Often, these systems will experience operational issues that can be solved using a Ferrofluidic seal.

Ordering Retrofit Parts

We have already developed retrofit seals for several legacy systems. For more information on retrofit solutions, contact your Ferrotec sales representative.

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Custom Designs and Special Orders

The vast majority of seals that Ferrotec manufactures are custom designs. If you don’t see the solution that meets your requirements listed in our standard products, contact the world’s most experienced seal and motion engineering team to define, structure and solve your unique motion seal application. Ferrotec engineers have developed solutions for unusual sizes, multiple planes of rotation, and unique challenges involving temperature, pressure, and process exposure. When you’re looking for the solution to core process problems, Ferrotec is your resource for key enabling technologies.

Ordering Custom Parts

To define your custom seal, submit your request through the custom section of the web site or contact your local Ferrotec sales representative directly.

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