Retrofit and Upgrade Solutions for Vacuum Manufacturing Systems

As the industry leader in rotary seals, Ferrotec understands the requirements of your performance application. Although some equipment may not have been originally designed using a Ferrofluidic seal, a solution from Ferrotec can eliminate operational hassles and improve system performance.

Ferrotec offers retrofit and upgrade solutions for many vacuum manufacturing systems. If you don’t see your specific system listed, contact your Ferrotec representative and find out about the solution that is right for you.

Popular Examples

Varian 3000-series Sputtering System

Non-contacting Ferrofluidic seals improve uptime and extend the tool’s productive life. Smooth mechanical operation eliminates binding and drag, and reduced particles and contaminants improve product quality.

Oerlikon / Unaxis Z 660, Zh 620, Vanguard, Emerald and Corona Sputtering Tool

Ferrotec’s engineered solution upgrades the rotary-lift subassembly while providing a complete refurbishment. Eliminate electrical arcing, improve plasma stability and process repeatability, and extend tool operation and uptime.

Tokyo Electron Alpha-8, -8S and -8SE CVD Furnace

Hermetic Ferrofluidic seals eliminate environmental leaks and contamination. Ferrotec’s high performance retrofit provides long life and high reliability.

Perkin Elmer 4400-series Sputtering System

Ferrotec offers several individual feedthroughs as well as full upgrade and refurbishment of the rotary-lift subassembly. The original design’s elastomer seals cause binding and leaks and lead to unplanned downtime and maintenance. Replace the old parts with proven Ferrofluidic seals and an easily serviceable commercial water union.

Available Retrofit Solutions Include:

  • Varian 3000 Series Sputtering Systems
  • Perkin Elmer
  • Novellus C2
  • Oerlikon/Unaxis
  • Applied Materials
  • Balzers
  • CHA
  • Materials research
  • Many others

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