Reliable Damping and Accurate Performance

A stepper motor operated at its natural frequency may experience excessive settling time, vibration and acoustic noise. A Ferrofluidic inertia damper relies on ferrofluid to absorb the motion energy by a shearing effect which produces a torque that opposes the unwanted oscillatory motion. A Ferrofluidic inertia damper is hermetically sealed and has a non-magnetic housing that attaches to the motor shaft. Inside the housing is an inertial mass which levitates on Ferrotec’s ferrofluid, thus eliminating the need for bearings to support the mass.

A Ferrofluidic inertia damper offers reliable damping and accurate performance with no losses in speed or accuracy, and no reduction in torque. Other performance benefits include:

  • Increased positional accuracy
  • Reduced settling time
  • Reduced torsional oscillations

A Ferrofluidic inertia damper is easily attached to the motor shaft and has no maintenance requirements. It can be custom tuned to your system for optimum results. Typical applications include X-Y-Z Plotters, Printers, Optical Scanners, Robotics and Milling Machines.

A range of sizes and damping coefficients is available.

Inertia damper diagram

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