Leak-free Rotating Connections

Ferrofluidic rotary unions make leak-free rotating connections from one or more stationary gas or vacuum services to dynamic components in your equipment.

Industrial and coating equipment often requires gas or vacuum services to moving parts. Examples include wafer chucks, glass lathes, manifolds, and pick and place equipment. Ferrofluidic rotary unions provide highly reliable, leak-free operation in a wide variety of environments, providing a safe, easily integrated connection.

Ferrotec Products Used in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Rotary Gas Unions

Ferrofluidic rotary gas unions offer manufacturers of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and other deposition systems an efficient and flexible method of introducing gases into a process. A static gas feed runs into the rotating shaft which supports the wafer. This ensures that the gas outlet is in the center of the wafer, resulting in uniform coating characteristics.

Typical Applications that rotary gas unions are used for include:

  • CVD
  • Vacuum deposition systems
  • Gas handling modules

Reactive Gas Seals

Reactive gas seals for applications such as MOCVD use an inert fluorocarbon based fluid. They feature a cantilevered seal design to protect the bearings from process gases. Special materials are used in the seal construction. Inert gas purges or protective plating can also be added to prevent corrosive attack of seal components.

Typical applications for reactive gas seals include:

  • Designs where aggressive cleaning agents are used

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