Common Specifications

Some of Ferrotec’s Ferrofluidic® seal specifications are common to the majority of our feedthroughs.

Temperature Range (Uncooled)
20–210°F (-6–80°C)
Water cooled units may exceed these temperatures. Most units are bakeable to 150°C.


Vacuum Pressure
10–9 Torr
Estimated Value. Actual performance will depend on system pumping speed and other gas loads.


Leakage Rate
10–11 Std cc He/s
Units not regularly tested to this level as it is beyond the capability of common vacuum equipment.


Gas Compatibility
Inert gas
For sealing in reactive environments, a flourocarbon-based ferrofluid may be required.


Housing Material
300 series stainless steel
ISO 1.4301 or similar


Shaft Material
400 series stainless steel or 17–4 PH
ISO 1.4000 or similar
ISO 1.4542 or similar


Maximum shaft run-out


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