Semiconductor Manufacturing

From raw material growth to photolithography to assembly and testing, Ferrotec solutions are used extensively throughout the process of manufacturing integrated circuits.

Photovoltaics & PV Manufacturing

The market for photovoltaics is growing rapidly. Photovoltaic material is used in solar cells and emerging alternative energy technologies. Ferrotec offers a number of products and solutions that are optimized for the unique requirements of PV manufacturing, helping drive innovation in this high-growth market.

Aerospace, Defense & Security

Modern defense and security technologies increasingly use electro-optics for surveillance, tactical, and navigation applications. Ferrofluidic seals permit delicate electro-optical instruments to operate reliably at their maximum potential under highly demanding airborne and ground conditions while reducing overall system maintenance.

Vacuum Coating Applications

From optical coatings for lenses and industrial glass, to decorative and hard coatings for automotive and industrial manufacturing, Ferrofluidic seals set the standard for material transport, shutters, and a variety of other motion applications. Ferrotec develops specialized technology solutions for the leading optical and thin film companies throughout the vacuum industry.


Ferrotec’s rotary unions provide the lighting products industry with hermetic, high-throughput solutions that dramatically improve lamp quality, uptime, and maintenance.


While photovoltaics promise to help improve our energy future, sources such as wind, nuclear, and kinetic flywheel energy storage also fit within the puzzle to reduce our reliance on traditional fuels. Ferrotec solutions enable advances in many of the developing alternatives.

Opto-electronics Manufacturing

Compound semiconductor processes are used for manufacturing LEDs and solar cells. Ferrotec’s integrated seal and motor solutions enable the contamination-free high vacuum environments needed for high volume manufacturing.

New & Emerging Technologies

Vacuum, pressure, pure environments and precision rotation are challenges faced by many technologies and industries. Whether those challenges require seals with unique sizes and shapes, unique approaches to motion, or sophisticated intelligence integrated into the system, Ferrotec is helping lead the way with solutions to enable these applications.

Application-Optimized Ferrofluid

Ferrotec produces a comprehensive and growing range of ferrofluids for a wide variety of scientific and manufacturing applications. The only major seal manufacturer to manufacture all our own ferrofluids, Ferrotec is the first choice for challenging rotary seal requirements.

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