Modified Standards: Customize a Standard Feedthrough

Our standard feedthrough designs are often used as a custom design template. While your requirements may almost fit one of our standard parts, our standard part may not be exactly what you need. Not all standard applications look the same, but it's usually not difficult for us to make modifications to a standard Ferrotec design in order to meet your requirements. Common modifications include shaft length and mounting hole changes.

To modify a standard feedthrough, start by identifying the standard feedthrough that you want to base the design on. Once you have selected the correct part, contact your Ferrotec representative (either directly or using the form provided on the Ordering Information page), and we can work with you to specify the necessary changes.

Click the graphic that best represents the type of feedthrough or seal you’re looking for. A text description of each product will display if you simply roll your mouse over the graphic.

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Hollow Shaft Models
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